Saturday, April 02, 2011

Ram(INDIA) got maried 2 Sita(world cup) in 1983.Ravan(SRI LANKA) kidnapped Sita in 1996.Now aftr 14 yrs of vanvas,its tym 4 Ram 2 meet Sita and take her JAIHIND JAI INDIA...

Satdy 2/4/1983 ind won world cup.That Day is coming again.Satdy 2/4/2011 .Wow 1983&2011 calendar are as like as 1983, IND will win the world cup again

Dhoni Teamine Cup Nedi kodutha ella seresilum 1 samanilayund. India 1st 20.20 nediyappol pakisthanod samanila 3rd IPL Champianas nedumbol Delhi Dere Debilsinode samanila 3rd champian Leage T20 nedumbol Victoria Bushrangesinod samanila 2011 world cupil INDIA ENGLENDnde samnila so Waite And See

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